Reviews for "Handless millionaire"

Funny, but bugged

Simple and brilliant, it's a game you can really enjoy for a couple of minutes. The only problem is that it continues after the roof of fifteen questions, which is pretty much flawed.

Wait a minute...

...I still have another hand I can use! MILLIONAIRE

Great Idea

It was a really great idea, I don't know how this would sound, but the thought of it was much too powerful to make an entertaining game. I like the thought of bodily harm in exchange for money, it's not particularly new, but it's refreshing, and it is pretty clever and funny for a game show, so points for that. However, something like this is kind of like internet slots machine, since it's a game, and it's not my reall money [hand] I can just insert a coin and pull the lever [wiggle my mouse around and tap space like a demon] as many times as I want without any thrill of the fact that I may go broke [loose a hand]. Sure everyone likes gambling, or in your case, everyone likes the challenge in putting themselves in danger to get money. However, it's fake, so it's never really going to live up to a satisfying, long lasting game. There's nothing I can really say to this to improve it, as it doesn't really need improving, but I can say that an idea like this is really a one time play thing; it was fun playing, and I did loose the first time (actually, I lost one hand by a glitch, on my part, around $1,000, so I restarted) but the second time I seem to have blown threw all of the visible levels. Once it reach that top stair were it just looped the same bill over and over again, I sort of grown bored of it, and quit; I don't really see myself playing this again, unless I was stricken with absolutely nothing else to do (that even means if all my daily labor was ever completed); maybe some other time in the way future when I have forgotten about it, then remembered it again.

I'm not saying you have to make more levels, as that, too, would get repetitive, but I'm saying that this idea can't run long enough to be qualified as a successful game; though that does not mean it wasn't fun! I see this as being more of a mini-game, than an actual one, so if you ever think up another game show flash, this would be nice to put in as one of the challenges (like some sort of bonus round for free cash--but wait--the catch is you have to get through the guillotine! Dun, dun, dun~)

One last thing I wanted to say about this game, it was actually the first thing I thought about when playing, but it was actually so unimportant that I decided to make it the last; there should be some sort of quit button (maybe you have one, I didn't look around really good), I know you can just shove both hands into the guillotine, and end the game that way, but the fact that I couldn't quit and leave with my "winnings" made it seem like I was being forced into playing such a extreme "Russian Roulette", so to speak. Of course, this is a game, and how boring would it be to "cash in" my prize of fake money that I won't have in real life, but even a lot of TV games turned virtual have a chance where you can forfeit and take what you have "won", so I felt as if this one needed something like that, I don't know, just to add to the realism, I guess. Of course, that's nothing to help or hurt your game, so you don't really need to add it, and my scoring isn't focused on that at all.


Simple pattern once you figure it out. Get a longer sequence so its hard to tell when it's safe to go.

There is a weird glitch that keeps moving me up but I can not play.