Reviews for "Handless millionaire"

Good game

As most people say, it's a pattern recognition matter, and therefore, it's pretty easy. The annoying part is when you accidentally click outside the frame, lose focus, and try to regain it while YOUR ARM IS BEING CHOPPED OFF. You should make it pause then, or at least make it restart the level. Other than that, it has a high tension level. It's a shame that the grammar's not always that splendid.

Great Game.

good gameplay, and decent graphics.


This gives me an idea for a horror game. :D

My heart is still pounding

A very fun game! Definitely made me sweat thinking my arm could be cut off for just 20 dollars! I liked the concept and I in no way think this was a stupid idea. There is a fine line between stupid and fun - it was fun! Keep going with your ideas, I like them!

That scream gets me every time! LOL Great game!