Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

for those of you complaining you just have to be smart to play this,if you cant play it dont play at all


Some great level design to the extent that you know that the devs are trolling you. Also, you get to listen to JohnnyUtah laugh at your constant failure. What's not to love?


Loved this!
Its really addicting to me.
The controls are simple, and the levels are well designed.
And JohnnyUtah's commentary is f*^&ing awesome! Made dying less annoying..

Easter Egg

" Awesomeitem " - Nice Beanie


I personally think this is one platformers I've have most mixed feelings about. It's fun, addicting, new, creative, yet pissed you off and makes you rage like you never had before.

Play League of Legends? More than when you have a uber noob on your team.
Play Call of Duty? More than when you get killed by a glitched tomahawk which was 2 feet away from you, thrown from across the map....when you were one kill away from your gunship killstreak. FML.

Yesh, this game can make you rage, especially that annoying announcers voice. Good luck and enjoy it.

Personally I love it, just need to be patient, learn the puzzles and get through the levels one by one. Definitely new and a rare form of a platformer.