Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"

Well now...

This is a great nice song from beginning to end... too short though :( but i know that you need to keep it short for the contest.

I really liked the xylophone, it added some diversity and was really nice lol.

There's not much to say here as you know what you are doing and are damn good at it.

Excellent work and best of luck for the contest.

Arbiter responds:

Heh, Thanks Leo, It's much apprieciated

Oh... My... God...

My fav in the audio portal. It's very Tankmen-ish and alot of Tankmen flashes have used this, just like they should. This is the Tankmen theme. Not a guarantee, but I might do a Tankmen spoof sometime. And I'll definetaly use this piece!


this song really matches the tankmen theme


Sounds cooler than the other Tankmen Theme :)