Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"


I haven't thought about what music would suit the Tankmen series, so I can't really say if this will or not. It seems like it could fit, and it's kinda recognizable, but is it enough? I can't say. I found some things a bit odd, but I can't explain it since I'm not so good with theory. ^^ What WinTang said seemed to describe it. Now that "odd" feeling may make it perfect for the series, who knows. Also it seems a bit neutral and plain, but maybe it's good that it doesn't go crazy. But I like the song, mixing is very good, composition is nice enough to be used in a pro production, but I feel it's missing something. Now I'm not kissing your ass in this review, I hope you appreciate it. ;)

Not too shabby!

A well made tune, that despite being slightly repetetive and sounding slightly N64'ish was quite wonderful.

But then I have no idea what TANKMEN is about, so my nitpicking might be incorrect in that respect.

Very nice indeed.

Good piece again. Very nicely arranged. Percussion is splendid. Dynamically it could've made a bigger progress since it's basically the same 4 bars on repeat, but granted a minute is not very long to accomplish that.

One thing is that in every 4th bar, the lead and rhythm both play the G, which has the function of the 3rd in the Eb major chord. Generally with 3rds this is not a good idea unless you completely omit the root (but Eb gets played one beat later), and it did throw me off a bit.

It syncopates very nicely and does come close to authentic playing. Too bad it cuts off before the cymbals are done ringing, you might wanna use a little artificial fade for that...

Great job otherwise, good luck on the contest!


It's ok.a little too powerful of music.

Really good.

Sounds really good. Usefull for a march-thing.