Reviews for "Naruto as The Simpsons!"

I think this is epic. I have read up to chapter 300 in the manga and i have started watching the anime and i had so much fun looking at all the Simpson/Naruto people.
Here is a 5 star vote and keep up the good work.

This ia pretty great. I love all the parody. it was sad that I did not see any of the Mafia dudes but one. It be nice to see Don Vittorio DiMaggio, im pretty sure hes not here. You casted Sasuke perfectly lol. It was all so a joy trying to find out who is who. It been years since I watched The Simpsons.

Great work and hope you do more with this.

i loved eveyone.......exept minato i dont like that u made him the drunk dude XD

It probably would have helped if you had some music to go with this. It's still a good submission because it's so funny to see these characters portrayed like this! At first I thought this was going to be a gag dub. Like, you were going to show scenes from the anime with the characters saying things from Simpsons episodes. This still turned out to be good. I love how each and every character is modeled after a Simpsons dude and vice versa.

I guess when we find out who Tobi is, maybe then you can draw him like a Simpsons character. Of course, I don't know if there are any left. It makes you realize how many characters those shows have. Put just please put in some music next time. I love how Orochimaru Burns has a lighter skin tone.

This was freakin' stupid..
(he's hot and NOT a nerd) >:O

lloydvdw responds:

Look here,

It's not about who is who. It's about the fact that all characters have been "simpsonalized". It's made specially for Naruto viewers to have a laugh to see their favourite characters turn into Simpson characters.

Bart should obviously be Naruto as their both protagonists in both series and Millhouse is Bart's friend and rival. So it makes perfect sense to pick Millhouse as Sasuke.
To most normal people who watch Naruto this is pretty funny.

I can't help it that there are 13year old girls (which I assume you are, by reading you comment) who are in love with a fictional drawn character.

So if your love for precious sasuke is so strong that you can't have a laugh with a regular parody, if that's the only reason why you gave me a freaking 1/10. => Grow up or go fuck yourself.

Thank you