Reviews for "Naruto as The Simpsons!"

Totally random...

but I like it!

Love it!

Simple yet funny.

Hah! I found Flanders!!!

Very nice. Well done dude. Though, it might cringe a few people that is rooting for Naruto/Sakura to see what their Simpson expy is. Anywho, yeah, I found Flanders, Ned Flander. I won't spoil it, since it was so obvious if you do the head count.
Hmm, I wonder what other media that have loads and loads of characters to abuse like this again?

PS/ Click Tobi, then right click and select Play. It will reveal who is Flanders.

lloydvdw responds:

I know my actionscript skills are pretty lame :D.

I was thinking about DBZ - The simpsons. But this costed me months and months of work. Maybe later ;) did you check the wallpaper on deviant art?



Thumbs up for Hatake Homer XD

this is great

orochimaru burns is the best one haha