Reviews for "Naruto as The Simpsons!"

there are some cool characters

I have a question: you said you didn't accept Shippuden Characters, yet Granny Chiyo is shown, and she was only in Shippuden. Also we didn't see the faces of the Akatsuki except Itachi and Kisame in Naruto, we only saw them in Shippuden. So why can't we pick a character from Shippuden? I believe we only saw Danzo in Shippuden as well, but I could be wrong. Anyway, this is very well done. I've never thought someone would cross Naruto with the Simpsons before.

lloydvdw responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

There's actually an explanation for this.
I started making these characters when Shippuuden wasn't aired yet.
All the students (Naruto, Sasuke, Lee, Hinata, etc...) are still in there young form. In Shippuuden, which has a timespan of 4 years between the series. these characters are older and look different. This wouldn't match, because Bart Millhouse are still kids and the studens in the Shippuden Series are almost adults.

Then I came to a conclusion, I had a lot of people asking, please make Sai. But we only saw Sai in the Shippuuden series (as almost an adult), we never saw him as a kid. So basically if I ought to make Sai, he would be older then Naruto and Sasuke, which is not correct cause he has the same age.

Now I know that e.g. granny sand and granpa sand would've looked exactly the same should they've been shown in the Naruto (1st) series. Same for the whole Akatsuki clan. All of them would have looked exactly the same 4years ago, even though they were not shown in the Series.

That's the explanation. However, the reason I didn't make e.g., all the Kage's (yet), who also would've looked the same. Is because I simply ran out of Simpson characters :D

Greetz and thx for feedback

this is awesome!

awesome it is!!

"Hi I'm Pain Mclure, you may remember me from...."

lol this is very cool, creative & funny. I would love to swee more. 10/10 5/5!

LOL @ Uchiha Moe

You did an excellent job on these, you could even make an animation if you wanted to probably. It could use some music or sound effects though. I hope to see more of your work on here. :D

lloydvdw responds:

I tried to put music on it, but for some reason CS3 nor CS5 can't import mp3's. I didn't have any problems when Flash was still from macromedia.

I also converted my mp3 to wav, but my wav file plays at double speed in flash for some ******* reason :(

Can't seem to fix it, any suggestions?