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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

hahah same game as zombies vs plants

hahah same game as zombies vs plants

I don't know bout you, but I thought it was great!

I understand it is basically a cop-out of Plants Vs. Zombies. But I think that's the point, to make a PVZ-like game but with a different setting, different items, difference way of production, different EVERYTHING! The only thing I see that's the same about the two is the layout. But there are so many differences you guys are missing about the game it's crazy! I especially loved how you could speed up the produce of building by flipping the pages on the storybooks faster. Oh, look! There's one difference between the two games already!! I say, screw what these trolls are saying! This game is great and very addicting. you did a great job with the animations and music and EVERYTHING! Just because it's like PVZ, doesn't mean it isn't awesome, and I give credit where it's due! Nicely done! =D

just fuck...this is awesine

.............thats all to say

Fun, but hurts your finger.

Clicking the books was very annoying. If there was something you could buy to put onto the book to automatically click would be nice. Never really got the chance to buy expensive items since the enemies were relentless. All in all a fun game.

its been said once im not gunna say it again

this is a straight up rip off of plants vs zombies
the only difference is the setting and the fact that you can speed up energy production by spamming on the source