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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

A great Homage to a great game.

Fluid controls and fast paced action. This is a great homage to PvZ, with unique graphics, animations and a completely new sense of charm and style.
The tower and enemy progression is pretty similar to PvZ so fans will find it easy to pick up and play.
A very fun alternative and not a rip off in the slightest.

Addictive Fun

I've spent a lot of time with this superb little homage to Plants vs Zombies.

It successfully recreates the addictive gameplay of PopCap's masterpiece and it does so with its own unique style and atmosphere.

Artwork, animation, sound effects and music are all top notch.

A few minor quibbles:

- Being able to click on the books to speed up fantasy production effectively obliges the player to do so and turns the game into a bit of a "clickfest".
- The "Incoming Wave" overlay is sometimes a bit intrusive, especially if it appears when the player is trying to place a toy.
- There's no way to abort / restart a level (other than stopping and restarting the app).
- There's no way to replay earlier levels without starting right from the beginning.

Still, the fun factor far outweighs the minor drawbacks. Thanks for a great little game!

Pretty good

Some things are annoying such as skeletons seemingly instantly going after your books. Other than that it is very interesting game pretty fun. Hot keys would be useful. But all in all it is a very fun and enjoyable game that you can employ multiple strategies with. I enjoyed playing it. As for the knockoff comments the way I see it is if Newgrounds doesn't delete it, it must be original enough.


really like the game but plz insert number hotkeys because its alsost impossible to keep dragging and clicking while watching the monsters, with hotkeys i would have given it a 10


There is a big difference betweem inspiration and outright ripoff. From what I've seen so fat the game uses the exact same game mechanics as PvZ, and by "exact same" I mean that everyrhing is the same, but the graphics. The first two levels have the same ammount of lanes as PvZ (2 then 4 and it then goes to 6), the tower progression is the same (book to generate energy, average shooting tower, freezing tower, wall), the monsters have the same ability (normal, normal with higher protection, runner/jumper).

I will keep playing to see where it gets to, but so far it is just a free version of PvZ with worse graphics.