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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Awesome game...

Srsly... Total underscored game, No glitches, no bugs, no lags, awesome graphics, fluid gameplay.. There is no problem with the game itself.
No... Ppl can't stop flame because it have the same gameplay like Plants vs. Zombies.
You guys know there are so many other Tower Defense games like Plants vs. Zombies? No? You should try out the mother of all these games Starcraft.
Oh and you know, you have to pay for Plants vs. Zombies? No? Well then i can't help you...

This is a free flash game, so don't blame ppl for it.
Try to blame the creators of Angry Birds, wich is difenely a copy of let me guess... Over 100 damn artillery games.

Good game

This game got frontpage then was underated because of "It's like PvZ" complainers, which is ridiculous, I totally agree with the author comment. It will be hard nowadays to find only one game which is not inspired by something. In addition, it's not a "pale copy" it's a original parody with new stuff (type of toys) and some new gameplay (you must click to obtain money, like it or not, but it's not like PvZ). The difficulty is well balanced, the two last levels are challenging, but a game should have always challenge like that (or else, it's boring) Too many casual players nowadays are only researching easy games which they can win first time playing and that's sad. Keep up the good work

Xplored responds:



A nice job well done on this parody. Looking for a sequel although I'm not sure if there is a PvZ sequel.

Overall, nice graphics, music and storytelling. You got my 10s.

But here's what I'm thinking for you to plan for your sequel, if you're going to make it. Some of them suit well for the girls.
1. The character, not just a boy, how about a girl too? Each gender will have their own strengths and weaknesses.
2. The dollhouse, it's more of a girl's toy. The boy should use some sort of a Portal-related device that will replace the dollhouse.
3. Unicorn from My Little Pony, a girl version of the Hungry Dino. Vulnerable when charging the horn's power.
4. Blossom from Powerpuff Girls, girl version of the Slimy Frog.
5. Change the visual of the Witch to a real ugly witch, this one looks more like a wizard.
6. Challenge modes just like in PvZ did?
7. Achievement menu so you can see your own achievements when you're hosting the game in other game sites like Kongregate or ArmorGames.

That's all for now, will be looking for more great games from you! ;)

Ah, this brings back memories...

I remember... i had pvz on one of my comps, then the comp broke... this the closest I can get! Nice game! (I'm guessing the book is a Sunflower, the robot thing is a Peashooter, and the frog is a Snow Pea, right?)

Kid friendly Plants vs Zombies?

I've noticed this is rated E, and it allows kids to have fun will getting rid of their nightmares, the hardcore way.