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Reviews for "Nanobeast"

System of a down anyone?

Very cool game. Satifying gameplay and an enjoyable retro aesthetic.


its a good game, but the problem is that in my computer, the keyboard works, but the keys still get stuck and i end up going out of control up or down. Im using another browser, but still doesn't work, maybe its the graphics that slow down my computer responses, maybe add a lower quality button. Either way it's not a bad game, i even like the idea that you get to upgrade a lot and make your weapon more powerful throught the time, but it would be nice if you wouldn't lose the upgrades that you have and that you wouldn't die in the first hit. Maybe add a life bar?

RatherRandomReality responds:

Hey, thanks. The game runs in the lowest graphics quality possible.

sticky keys

your controls need improving and u should switch moving controls with w,a,s,d and the fire controls with left for gun and right for bombs with the mouse and the controls stick

Good, but could be great.

The game is too hard for me to play casually. There needs to be an easy mode, a shield upgrade, or a way to give the ship multiple hit points. Also: the way you purchase upgrades is kind of weird and difficult to manage mid-level. I would prefer either a way to pause the game and select which upgrade you want or for upgrades to just spawn from the wreckage as speed, power, etc upgrades already.

Not bad...

It's an ok game. The first boss was was to easy for how much health it had. Got boring moving slightly and holding down the fire button for two minutes.
Don't like that you lose an upgrade when you die because then I feel like I can't catch up to the level of the game and get overwhelmed by enemies. I also only got one power up the entire second level even though I killed almost all the enemies...