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Reviews for "Nanobeast"

Sweet game!

Probably the best game I have played in awhile because it was so much fun! It did get worse as you lost your weapons. To think, at first I thought you didn't lose your weapons as you died, but I was wrong. Another cool thing was how the graphics were so simplistic, but it was still very hard! It made sense that you got a medal simply for completing each level. The graphics reminded me of some of the games made by poxpower.

Obviously, you are good in your own right. Another neat thing was how the enemies all had fairly unique designs. They came out in some of the weirdest and funniest shapes I could imagine for a game like this. I have little doubt such a cool game will pass judgement. With all those enemies coming at you, the bosses are actually the easiest of all!

RatherRandomReality responds:

I'm quite happy how all those enemies turned out considering that that's my first project in which I use pixelated graphics. Thank you for playing!

Very well made!

The game is amazing!

I love the current controls and I've always preferred a side scrolling shooter and instead of a Space Invader type deal. I also love the fact that there is an 8-bit version of Chop Suey, SOAD is one of my favorite bands!

Love the game keep it up!