Reviews for "Effing Machines"


This game is great, and it reminds me MATRIX

Smells like someone watched Matrix Revolutions

This is probably the best thing to come from the Matrix sequels.

Joking aside, I really like this- it's simple and a lot of fun.


reminded me of good old Matrix machine massacre, here is the 3 things to change :

1. Quantity over quality. The game was too easy, because there were too little enemies, not giving a real challenge, of course adding new types of bad guys sort of makes it harder, but when you upgrade your turrets and/or buy the zap-zap cannon the interesting part pretty much ends. I think you could make more small enemies, with very little hp, but so many, that if unchecked for a couple of seconds would overwhelm your defences.

2.Weapons. As i said before, zap-zap cannon is too....emh... effective, not talking about last cannon with multi-target, in my opinion the second weapon was THE most bad-ass, because it had SO VERY MUCH projectiles, which kind of gave the game the feel i was expecting, so less of zap-zap and more with bullets all over the place.

3.Hole. I think the hole was too big, couldn't really focus my fire at first, but then i kind of got used to it.

SO....More ''bullety'' guns, and much, MUCH more enemies, and if not too hard a smaller hole.


Got to 14k+ machines killed (level 42) and started falling asleep. (It was 3 am) Rock On!

its simple and nyc it make me addicted for like an hour