Reviews for "Villainous - Tower Attack"

Very good game. Lots of different skills, easy to play, except last round where i got my ass handed like 5 times because i was playing on fast mode. :D

I recommend it to everyone who is a tower defense fan ! 5 stars

this might be a retarded question but, is the soul swap spell usable in game? or is it just part of the story.

an tower attack game with an stargate. nice idea, but i don't like the gameplay.

Rogue Legacy is literally my favourite game. I didn't have any video games growing up, and the Internet sparked my interest int them, and RL was one of the first I bought and won. I've won it eight times. It's my Mario. Thank you for existing.

perfect game in what I see to be a new type of game. I really like the upgrade system and the level layouts. hope you make a sequel!