Reviews for "Villainous - Tower Attack"

How do I get the secret medal? Could someone please tell me? Pleease?

Epic game, we really need a sequel, and also make it more challenging with more monsters, towers, and spells.

i don't exactly get this Mabye its just me but im used to tower defense games nice try never the less the graphics looks nice. a good idea but not my kind of game

Ideas for towers for the sequel ... as for units and enemies I will leave that to you.:

1.: Slow tower (slows your units down)
2.: Power tower (increases damage output to nearby towers, does not attack)
3.: Speed tower (increases firing speed of all nearby towers, does not attack)
4.: Sniper tower (increases range of all nearby towers, does not attack)

i think this is one of the most refreshing TD's since anti TD i love the smooth gameplay plenty of units and upgrades to play around with and the strategy implements are almost endless great job keep the awesome games coming