Reviews for "Villainous - Tower Attack"

very addicting

This game is really fun. <3

All the achievements were really great, including getting Gold Medals, and I got them all too. :) I don't understand how I could get everything but the Secret Medal though. :(

Anyways, I always try to get as many Goblins as I can since the waves get stronger each time, using a pattern of Healers and Golems for constant regeneration plus defense, and Turtles that draw all the attack to it, while constantly freezing towers, healing, and maybe using quake. I don't think I ever used the other minions much like Bog Master and Elemental, or whatever they were. :p

That strategy helped me a lot anyway. XD

I like how some of the best upgrades were really weird too, and the game seems to have it's sense of humor despite playing as a villain, kind of like Disgaea. XD (Except maybe you were more of an anti-hero/anti-villain in that one, sometimes?)

Like, the Circus and Evil Rainbow thing... WTH? XD

Also, if I remember correctly, there was a lot of references to coconuts... That's a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, right? ^^; I've never seen the others, just that one, but it was hilariously weird. XD

Anyways, this game is fun. :)

Really good game. I like the concept of sending waves and being able to upgrade as you go. This was a great idea and very fun to play. Keep up the good work.

Excellent game!

*Secret medal* - Click on the Vial of Dragon Water at the Throne Room.

You know what would make an interesting game. An mmo tower defense game where each side gets a set amount of cash so one side can sets up towers to defend his town and the other recruits his army to attack other players towns. Maybe you can put that into one of your next projects.