Reviews for "Help the Hero!"

I love the game due to it being unique in terms of how it's played. I love the concept that without us as his side kick he can't win any battles and will lose. I also like that the fact if he loses, it was our fault and no bull about it... unless it was a tie and it choose the enemy side lol. Anyhow great game overall 5/5. P.S. I can't find this song... someone help me find it. Thank You!

Rank 614/9600 on Armor with a challenge time of 319 :D

This was a rather interesting take on your typical RPG

An excellent game, one of the very best.

LOL Playing this at work!!! w00t!

This is a great game, I have played it many times, but this is the first time I beat it. I actually wouldn't play very much, but now I see: this game is a combination of Art, Fun, Interesting things, Awesomness and Reality.
Poor, poor assistant.