Reviews for "Help the Hero!"

LOL Playing this at work!!! w00t!

This is a great game, I have played it many times, but this is the first time I beat it. I actually wouldn't play very much, but now I see: this game is a combination of Art, Fun, Interesting things, Awesomness and Reality.
Poor, poor assistant.

Unusually original and very clever. Not too short but also not too long to start to bore.

Splendid game, really.
The idea is rather clever and unusually original.
I like how the fights are on a stage. That is an unusually good explanation for why you are able to take on a fight multiple times, even if you lose. It's all an act!
Percibald's lines are often funny, and it helps that his voice reminds me of the orcs from "Orcs Must Die!". Seems as if one of them GOT to be the good guy after all! (Explanation: said orcs sometimes ask "Can I be the good guy?". Too bad you answer them in the colourful language of massacre.)
The art is silly in a way that really fits the setting.
I can't tell from the "Credits & Info"-section wether the music was made for the occasion or free-to-use, but if the latter, this is an unusually good case of using licensed music.
The only bad thing is that some weapons can't be re-equipped, which is a problem as I like playing around with combinations to see what the best one is.

All in all, great job!

Great game, thanks for the fun hour~