Reviews for "Help the Hero!"

That was such an original idea and it worked well. I like how all the items are different shapes and you have to order it, reminds me of diablo :3 Voice acting was great, so was the animation and art, but you can expect that if it is produced by Armor Games. Was really fun :D


Greatly done, voice acting is just awesome and the game itself so good! Loved it!

This is how it always happens, the servant does all the job and the master gets all the laurels.
It's a really good game, I liked every bit of it.
Still I don't understand one thing - why will so many people come to watch the fight if the curtains are down?

Really good game, not the best but is good. Oh I almost forgot, HOW THE HECK EGORAPTOR HELPED WITH THE PRODUCTION OF THE GAME, IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.