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Reviews for "C.L.A.P. 1 : Tones"

Just...must have think of it earlier x)

English accent = hilarious Chinese accent = perfect Full of humor and totally right . Keep the great work ^^

Not American but

I would like to learn MORE :) Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Maybe some European languages too... Foregein chicks likes it when you go to them and say "Hi my name is 'X'" in their language :)

I saw RicePirate was the author

and shouted for joy. I've always understood that concept of tones, but... yeah... thanks for the PSA. :D

He finally said chinese with an 's' in the end

I love how he actually insults Americans with a bad stereotypical Chinese accent, therefore not looking down on the uni-lingual ordinary Americans.

And if you actually speak Chinese, you can notice that he still insults you through his tonal examples like, 'ni', 'hao', 'chou' (you're very ugly).

altogether, this left me with a very amused 'wtf?'


yah people! use your lazy american head and learn to speak chinese! im a chnese person myself and this is very well done.