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Reviews for "C.L.A.P. 1 : Tones"

Me no rike dis...

Why you comment on everyting meesa say? What, you gotta de probrem with de ray I tark? Me speaka de Chineses ranguage. Furk yu, furk yu in de asshole! Ok I'm gonna stop before I pee my pants from laughter. Overall that was pretty informative, unless of course you were making that all up, but don't worry, I belive what you're teaching is legitimately useful to a constructive and very mature audience like the one here on Newgrounds. :P

RicePirate responds:

I'd love to hear what the Chinese population of NG has to say about it. The teachings are all legit, however, I'm curious how they feel about the delivery :)

Hah! Hilarious!

I can only imagine that writing a lyrical piece to go with music is extremely difficult in Chinese due to the tones. Raise or lower your tone just a little to go with the melody and the words you're saying would change... tricky.


is lesson two?

this should be a series

SOO FUNNY!! 5\5 10\10 i'd love to see:
CANADIAN (lol wut?)
MEXICAN (oh man! that would be good)
arabic (now that would be interesting)
anyway NICE JOB! :D please do make more. but now i know how to tell people to go "f--ck a dead horse!" :D

This makes my head hurt so hard, but I love it. Thank you, RicePirate for finally providing me an interest in language, something I've never cared about until now.