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Reviews for "C.L.A.P. 1 : Tones"

Helpfully hilarious

This is amazingly helpful, and hilarious. Do make more of this series.

THIS IS SO ----- <3 <3




Is there also a flash for lazy Yellow demon... I MEAN chinese people who can't speak english without sounding like a bad stereotype?

Just kidding! XD (And in case some people here didn't get it, I was refering to his "White devil" reference, thus using yellow demon instead. Just adding in case I get some extremist liberal getting butthurt because of my comment)

I liked how this came out :) You did a great job on describing the different tones. My older brother went to china for a year, and he also explained the different tones to me. Funny thing is, he can speak a lot of chinese words now because apparently the chinese language is very simple. It's just those tunes that you have to keep in mind. Then again, he and his chinese fiancee are probably going to live in Holland, so both of them will probably speak a lot of dutch instead of chinese or english! XD


As one who has taken four years of Chinese, I can say that this information is both accurate and funny as hell. I can't wait to hear more lessons.

"I can feel the knowledge seep into my brain"

Entertaining, and i learned about the 4 tones and another one