Reviews for "Goime 500"

This is vastly underrated.

I have to admit, I spent a whole hour on this. You've created a beautiful world, in spite of the crudely drawn characters. It was puzzling, and a real sense of accomplisment when they were solved just made the game that one step greater.

The music is fabulous, and the achievements themselves were both simple and challenging to obtain.

However, what keeps it from a 10 is the horrendously slippery controls. I found it difficult to keep still half the time, always falling off mini platforms - it was too much. Coupled with that were a couple of instances of bad collision detection where i would fall through platforms without Ghost - these were, thankfully, few and far between.

Overall, a magnificent game. Well done.

Sorry JMBT02 Achievement unlocked has been beat

This game is not only better than the achievement unlocked because it has so much more acheivements but also because its just more fun. I really enjoyed finding places like the arcade and the jail. There's so many differen ways to interact with each place. I also thought loved the murderous pink guy and the yellow Guy especially when I turned into a ghost. Some of the things in the store were let downs like eGuy but they were still hilarious nontheless. I really think that this was one of the greatest games I ever played
and that it was worth spending an hour on.


So much better than that... /other/ game. We shan't name.
It is one of those games you have to be in a patient mood to play, as I was, and got 100%... then kept playing.

I know it was probably just the piano, or the childish atmosphere.. but it really felt kind of touching, talking to the guy and the pink zone owner was odd, playing old arcade games in a little world where all the people are circles that constantly smile, completely unaware that their universe is so tiny, because it's all they've known.

The conversation trees were sweet, but. I would of liked to see more characters. Talking to them just to see what they'd say was just interesting.

I loved what you did with all the buttons, taking the tests, and the arcade games. Awesome stuff.

I was left wishing for a little more platforming, like the race, but on a larger scale.

Basically. I love it, and just want more of what you've already done here.

Games can be art :)

It's gooood

I liked a lot this. I could not call this stolen because only the type is the same as Achivement hunter.
It's an amazing game you made

great game

I can't wait to see the collab!