Reviews for "Goime 500"

SOOO awesome best game i um..... its just a realy good game

This was an incredibly fun game, but it was very long. I did spend a lot of time playing it, but this is more of a game that you have to stick to for it to maintain its appeal. It might be nice if that were mentioned in the description. Otherwise, you did a great job on the game!


This game is really fun and it was pretty cool finding all the achievements and discovering all the areas! The arcade and the no-jumping law were awesome!
This idea is imaginative, and even though its ideas may have been used before, I've never seen them used as well as this!

As for kiki5310, you didn't even rate 1, you rated 0. Also, it's easily plausible that it's not the game causing the problem. Other people have played the game perfectly. Please check your own computer before rating a game this good badly.

Really fun

The left and right buttons were really sensitive, other than that it was a good game.


The Keys. dont work and giving me a hard Time IM RATING THIS CRAP A 1!