Reviews for "Goime 500"

A quirky, addictive adventure game

Obviously, "Goime 500" was inspired by the "Achievement Unlocked" series. This game, however, is not only very different from that series, but also far superior. Rather than locking players in a small room, they are given an entire small world to explore, and rather than giving simple objects to interact with, with the main difficulty being figuring out what to do with them, "Goime 500" gives genuine puzzles to solve.

The strange, surreal otherworldliness to the game is part of its charm. The beautiful, atmospheric music sets a great mood, and it fits the simple geometric shapes and bright colors surprisingly well. The graphics are nothing special, but then again, if they were, the game wouldn't be as great.

The subtle sense of humor really got to me as well. Nothing in here is laugh-out-loud funny, but everything is just silly enough to keep you interested. I especially liked the Pink Zone and eGuy's needing to recharge every two dialogue trees.

I didn't expect to play this game very long, but I ended up playing for a full half an hour. It didn't feel right to leave the world you've created unexplored. For a flash game, it feels very large, and every square section of the game is unique and intriguing.

I don't give out perfect 10 scores lightly. But my friend, you've earned it.

Surprisingly well done.

When I first pressed the play button and pressed the left key I just told myself, "Rawr, this is just a copy of a *certain game* with more achievements." But, I played through anyway just to see what you came up with. I was really surprised to find that you came up with clever new ways to earn achievements. (I especially liked what you did with the in-game arcade) I would have liked to have seen the game more as yours though. The similarities between a *certain game* and yours are a bit too close and might deter other from seeing what you were trying to accomplish with this. Either way, good job. :D


It is funny. The pink zone owner is hilarious: "Don't think about running away! Simple and good.