Reviews for "Rocket Panda"

Just gorgeous! However...

...it may just be the computer I'm using, but I get REALLY laggy when there are a lot of targets in one screen. I think it's just my computer.

N E wayz, this is the first time I've seen 2D and 3D mesh so well in a game on Newgrounds. Simple controls, beautiful visuals, silly and unique sounds and music, challenging difficulty, and just so darn FUN! Makes me think of a mix between Starfox and Katamari. Anyone who passes this game over without playing it will earn my pity.

Most epic song / game ever

i cant stop listing to the song its so awesome :D

LongAnimals responds:

Haha, thanks! :)

Good Bye Nyan Cat, Hello Rocket Panda!

Great game, I love it!
Good 3D, fun gameplay, engaging music.
All my 10 r belong to this!

EPIC! PLEASE give me lyrics -Dargoon P.S. Its EPIC!

This game rocks. The game play is simple, but still entertaining. The graphics are simply stunning, and the 3D is great. The music is very catchy, and enhances the game play experience. The whole theme going on in this game is well executed. Also, the extras are nice. The game is not to hard, except for the last 4 levels or so. Great gob on this game.