Reviews for "Rocket Panda"

Lots Of Fun!

You can tell a lot of work went into this game. It's very cute and fun to play.


just awesome

This game rocks. The game play is simple, but still entertaining. The graphics are simply stunning, and the 3D is great. The music is very catchy, and enhances the game play experience. The whole theme going on in this game is well executed. Also, the extras are nice. The game is not to hard, except for the last 4 levels or so. Great gob on this game.


I love the song at the beginning, it's adorable. I gave this a nine because there's a bit of a glitch when you get the panda power up, the main panda becomes a little unresponsive and harder to control. Overall a good game :)

so cute its almost creepy

it was actually real fun when it got to the later more challenging levels. had me retrying lots.