Reviews for "Rocket Panda"

Just gorgeous! However...

...it may just be the computer I'm using, but I get REALLY laggy when there are a lot of targets in one screen. I think it's just my computer.

N E wayz, this is the first time I've seen 2D and 3D mesh so well in a game on Newgrounds. Simple controls, beautiful visuals, silly and unique sounds and music, challenging difficulty, and just so darn FUN! Makes me think of a mix between Starfox and Katamari. Anyone who passes this game over without playing it will earn my pity.

Most epic song / game ever

i cant stop listing to the song its so awesome :D

LongAnimals responds:

Haha, thanks! :)

Good Bye Nyan Cat, Hello Rocket Panda!

Great game, I love it!
Good 3D, fun gameplay, engaging music.
All my 10 r belong to this!


This game is awesome!
Love the music man!

EPIC! PLEASE give me lyrics -Dargoon P.S. Its EPIC!