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Reviews for "L.A. Noire: Deleted Cases"

-Rape SandWich-

Like Greenking said - AWESOME Animation, but L.A. Noire is such a great game and gives you better opportunities to be funny than just make a parody over the most stereotypic (already made dumb enough to entertain in the game) person in the game. The character itself is a parody, there's not really a need for parodies over parodies. It's like the shitty 300 parody (don't know the name yet)...wants to make jokes on an already ironic movie.
Please don't missunderstand me - i love your humor. You proved me several times which good sense for humor you have. But because of that, your standards should be higher than "average". Losuurx has it right: Just take Rusty - he would be perfect!

GOOD ANIMATION but it kind of lame till the end at the replay thats was funny

Verry good, smooth, and funny... damn chincs

Good animation...great voice actors...I'm impressed. I wish this was Roy Earle instead of Stefan Bekowsky. We all know Roy is the real jerk around here. Do you think you will ever do one like this again...but with Rusty Galloway?