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Reviews for "L.A. Noire: Deleted Cases"


I haven't played the game yet so I'm wondering if this is based on one of the actual partners or did you just think of this?

Anyway the humor was great. The gag with him running out of racist quips was good too. I kinda wish you had saved Cole's line for the end and used it just once
for a stronger ending punchline but I can't complain tbh it made me laugh

+Great facial animation
+Solid writing
+/- On the one hand the voice is distinctly yours on the other hand
- Would have liked more cutaway gags with more animation devoted to something other than the two of them in the car

le approve

JohnnyUtah responds:

i agree

Yay for casual racism!

Wow, I've seen some shit in my time... well, this has to be the pinnacle of how a casual racist gets along since a friend's Malay wife told him that she didn't understand what the expressions of "the white people" meant.

Some good, some bad, some out of line, but it's simple in the animation and your talent as always seems to lie with the writing. Seriously, get over to the writing forum and lend some of the poor schmoes in there a hand with their joke telling.

Not quite on a par with your best, but still funny.

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