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Reviews for "L.A. Noire: Deleted Cases"


Really enjoyed this flash Great Animation,..good use off color, but.... i thought there could of been Way more Action. More violence would have suited this just fine.
Other then that Good Job!
P.S Make More lol!

~ Kaila ~

Very funny

But the eye slits in the "asian glasses" at the end kinda look like vaginas. White vaginas.


"I see a Smashed watermelon, we better go investigate."
Lol, i remember Cole to just be the one as you depicted, Just to answer to the partners racist/sexist comments as "Ok, yeah." or, "You're out of line".
Funny Flash, captures a concept of the characters in the game a lot.

cole that womens shadows stealimg her own purse!

oh wait thats just a negro. LOL

dirty cars

we should all those damn cars back where they came from