Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"

Oh please god, make T-shirts.

T-shirts would be kick ass, and some more episodes too!

RyanHatesMilk responds:

I was actually driving to work this morning and the idea of t-shirts popped in my head. If I was going to do it, i'd want to do it properly, make really decent t-shirts, not just lame cheap copy pastes, which, admittedly, yeah, is a bit contrary to the animation style! But if enough people wanted them, I'd find a way to sort it out. I'm not sure what the demand would be. Maybe if it becomes an established series i'll sort some designs out and let people vote for their favourite. I'll ask after the release of the third episode, and if the third's a hit as well, I'll be making a fourth. If like, 50 people want t-shirts, i'd be well up for buying 50 t-shirts and posting them myself. The best I can offer for you for now is, I can send you a custom design and you could make it yourself? It'd be cheaper, and it'd be custom. Since you're the first person in the world who has ever asked me to make them a t-shirt, you've sort of made my day. You'll have to give me a while on that design though! 2014 sound good? :P

I always wondered...

What beating the shitaki mushrooms out of pokemon would look like...

Deserves WAY more than 4.41 / 5.00.

THIS is hilarious. I pretty like Pokemon but THIS is way better than Pokemon. I watched at least 20 times just like the first one and i always laugh my ass off. I hope one thing : that you make a third one. Again, good job Ryan and Burn7.


This was hilarious! good job! =D

Some people call me obsessed, WELL FUCK THEM!