Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"


brock is gay

Just put them em' on boo-ba-ding-ding machine

Very funny, same gameboy-nostalgia comedy as the first one
"careful.....careful....car-FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Nice Work Guys! lolz all the way to the end

I'll check out your Website too

PEACE 10/10

Aaaand i'm BACK

Ah, the scourge of the... vast... expanse... of the.... entirety... of... newgrounds. I guess.

No, but really it was quite entertaining (as was part 1) - the storyline flowed well and I did so like the part at the very very end where i get to look at stills of the text, because I did not, in fact, "catch" all of that. Gotta say, though, there needs to be a button at the last still to return you to the end menu.

If you're not already on profit sharing, you need to be - it's under account settings. Check it out.

I saw your post saying your a bit busy for this... I'm a bit not busy to do nothing... would be interested in doing a short collab or something. Send me a message if you're down. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Oh, bad stuff, yeah... fleshing out certain animation characteristics... it's never too late to get better at integrating tweens with frame by frame. Just a thought.



This was hilarious! good job! =D