Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"


I love this stuff. Make more.

loved it

For anyone that has played pokemon red/blue during pfffft some point before/during/after middle school, this here is funny as shit.

I loved all the jokes from the first esp assclown from the name choice and the tall grass from this one.

my ONLY complaint is NOT
drawing ability
or background
all these are fantastic

my only complaint is i think ash catching the pokemon in the first was far funnier than assclown doing it in this episode. it didn't seem as violent, the best one was with the giraffe. maybe because i've never seen pokemon caught like in the first one, so that was the shock, but i still think assclown didn't catch them as cool as ash did

kudos to your work man, made me seriously laugh on some good middle school memories

Freakin Awesome

I come here everyday to give this a 5/5

BA,.... yea IPHONE

Best part is the Pokedex!

"Frogs bounce when you drop them!"
"Rats have tails!"