Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"

hey again

well i kinda guessed brock would be gay instead of a uhh girl lover?..... but monkey into human lolz that evolution actually did make sense instead of dog to monkey as i said in my review on 1st episode lolz ahh well have fun with ur 10 stars =P

I can die now :D

You made me soooo happy. Now I can die... NO WAIT!!! I WANT MORE!!!
I have only one thing to say as negative. I laughed so hard that I did not hear many things :D:D But I can fix that by replaying it more and more!! Now I can replay 2 episodes yaaay!!! :D


It's a rat. Rats have tails.

I literally rofl'ed at that xDD

fucking hilarious

omfg so funny
put boobies next time


watched it a million times over just love it, "brock man why always gotta make things so fuckin awkward" just love Ash's voice, keep up the work man, and definately make more of this its just awesome