Reviews for "-The Chase-"

Not bad, infact I like it, but theres something wrong with it.
I honestly can't tell, I just feel like its wrong in some place,
still, good song,I really do like it, but there's something wrong I can't tell.

You are my Master sir :D i'm fan of your work from Age Of War But i doesn't know that was you ! ^^


You never cease to please me WF :) The beats, bass and riffs on this piece ARE SICK AS ALL HELL! The way you drop out parts to mix up the chase and give it a new groove then crank it back up to its high intensity is ingenious

Waterflame responds:

:D Thank you!

I am now having mental images of those buddy cop movies. It also includes a hot lady in between. Still an awesome song. Never fails to impress me.

Waterflame responds:

Haha, awesome! Thanks!

Nice music is it rock or jazz?

Waterflame responds:

I dont know really. A mix between many things, Not jazz tho for sure. orchestral electronic cinematic rock.. with some funk.. ? haha.