Reviews for "-The Chase-"

dunno why but it kinda reminds me of James Bond!

Really got this "crime"-feeling. I like this one very much, so make more tracks like this please! :)

If I heard this song out of context, I wouldn't immediately think it was you, which is a great thing. Being able to expand your range of styles is great!

You're right, this does sound a lot like something you'd hear in a cheesy cop movie. The crunchy bass in the beginning cements the mood for the rest of the song, and the various effects in the intro help that along.

Once it reaches 1:18, however, I think it starts getting a bit repetitive, since there's not really any melody for a long time. Then again, this is supposed to be background music for a fight scene, so any memorable melodies would probably take away from the street action. For the ending, I also think there could've been a bit more of a climax.

Anyways, good job! I think you really captured the mood you were trying to go for. I'd definitely watch a show with this song in it.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! :D I really appericiate hearing that. I am trying my hardest to get out of the usual stuff I do now to expand my knowlage and styles. So I get really exited when I hear its going in the right direction! I have some other recent tracks witch is really far from my usual stuff, but they are under contract and not avaiable for now.

Thank you for the great review! I agree with your statements, but as you said, I decided to keep it that way due to the nature of the song, structured as a "mood" to acompany scenes. The climax bit is taken into concideration tho.
Thanks! :)

Love the action in this! :) Would be amazing if wasn't a cheesy cop movie but something more badass!