Reviews for "-The Chase-"

I'mm going to tell you something, This was my first ever song I used in 1.9 and well, It's worth posting a review on it.
It's a song that's perfect for a racing game that is very fast, more need for speed style and well, It's got that beat to it that makes it perfecto!
You should make something like this more often!!

I just played Raze 3 (it's released on Armor Games and NotDopper) on Armor Games and it had this music on the first level! It's a true masterpiece, for that is why I think it deserved a place in the game.

I got that James Bond feel from this good job

Oh. My. God. This is amazing. It makes me think of the old game "Driver - You are the wheelman" for some reason.

Another masterpiece from my favorite artist. This belongs in a big budget movie!