Reviews for "Amy Rose? (Halloween)"


i like this, your style is very umm...metal
THIS would make the sonic universe a lot better

Afterhumanity responds:

Eh, I'd perfer to think this is a nice side story myself. The Sonic Universe these days is a little innocent compared to what I was raised on.


That What I Call Hot

Very sexy and metal

This is one of those "blacker than black itself"! Her "Hellhammer" corresponds extremely well with it! BRUTALLY EPIC!

Afterhumanity responds:

Brutal indeed!


And ithought the original amy's hammer looked painfull!

Afterhumanity responds:

Oh yes, this hammer is sure to cause quite the mess. ^_^


I love how you changed Amy into a dark sexy overlord and I like your style.

Afterhumanity responds:

Can't have enough sexy overlords. =)