Reviews for "Amy Rose? (Halloween)"


That is probably the most Metal Sonic charater art I've ever seen.


not that im a nerd or anything but daaaaamn amy looks hot now cute before hot now wow lol -id tap dat-

Now that's f*cking metal!

Looks totaly bad-ass, never seen a sonic character with such an evil look on it's face. And the hammer looks awesome too. I don't think I have to say anything about her ass XD
My only complain is the anatomy, i think it looks too human-like, I think it would look better if you'd drawn her arms and legs shorter making it look a little cartoonier.

Afterhumanity responds:

Personally, i love mixing the sonic ladies with realistic anatomy. makes it all the sweeter when the drawing is finished.


I will not lie, I think rose is the reason the new Sonics suck.... however you may have just made me rethink that statement, nice.

Afterhumanity responds:

i'm glad i did, ty :)


Amy's ass, nothing else needs to be said.

Afterhumanity responds:

indeed lol