Reviews for "Amy Rose? (Halloween)"

Very good

You're very good with your art. Draw more amy

Afterhumanity responds:

I might just do that, ty for checking this out.



Afterhumanity responds:

technically that's two words... but ty. :3

Amy rose. More badass than you!

Again, nice work, loving the etchy-ness.
I'm sorry Amy can't hear you over the sound of how awesome she is!
I couldn't help but notice the devious face in the last line of the Authors Comments
you should check out Devious Man's art, his influence is spreading o.O
Sorry got sidetracked again, great job (again) keep it up ect..ect..
10/10 5/5

*fap fap fap* :O

i likes it..very very very awsome-ness with a big side of awsome..

Afterhumanity responds:

um, i'm glad you like it? lol


i like this, your style is very umm...metal
THIS would make the sonic universe a lot better

Afterhumanity responds:

Eh, I'd perfer to think this is a nice side story myself. The Sonic Universe these days is a little innocent compared to what I was raised on.