Reviews for "Friday: The Game"

Type SUICIDE you dead lol!

If you want the cereal killer achievement, eat peanut cereal instead of chocolate

Really funny and quite challenging to get all of the badges. I love it :]

Spoiler alert. Do not look ahead if you do not want a walkthrough for every medal.

Burn baby burn: Take a shower

Cereal killer: Eat the peanut cereal

DERP: Type words that the program does not understand about 3-4 times. (You can just write random letters, like enuifneibf.)

Have a nice trip: Put on the dress in the closet, then attempt to grab the hanger.

Oh poop: Type poop.

Oh poop II: Go to the bathroom and type toilet.

Oh poop III: Put your dress in the unflushed toilet

Poop princess: Get all 3 oh poop medals.

Road kill: Get to the part where you choose to sit in the front or back seat. Pick the back.

Suicide: Do i even need to explain this one?

Going viral: Use the computer

Partying, partying NO: When you get to the front seat back seat thing, say go inside.

Winaholic: Find all good endings. Going viral, partying partying, yeah, and Partying partying no.

Secret: Get every medal.

its great! but hard