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Reviews for "Friday: The Game"


fun game, but my medals don't work :(

Manly-Chicken responds:

They do. Check your userpage.
They're all there.

This was surprisingly fun to play
The biggest problem this game has going for it is the fact that it relies on the pop culture references to be funny, though stuff like eww poopie is its own thing.
Rebecca Black isn't exactly relevant right now(except to those who cant let the "joke" die), and if someone could argue with me that she still is at this very moment, she certainly wont be relevant 5 or so years from now
Getting past the that, it manages to remain ridiculous and fun to go though, the music is good and I like command adventures or whatever the fuck theyre called. Id like to see something with a similar concept without a similar subject

Nice game, have all medals.

Amazing. Just, just amazing. This deserves 5 stars.
Funny, challenging, fun, pretty nice. Good job, keep it up!