Reviews for "Friday: The Game"

fun typing game! i got 35 seconds and i wanted to compare my score against the world... except that everyone hacked and got >1second :( but still a fun short game!

how do you finish in two secounds???? ILOVE THIS GAME YOU HELP ME TYPE FASTER

how to get poop go to the bathroom and say crap
and you get poop lol

Nice game manlychicken! this game has a good amount of humor and easter eggs. I hope in the future you create more games as creative as this one.


By typing over 80 words per minute, like I did. Which is why I'm now first at 40 seconds. I made a few mistakes, so I can probably get it down to about 35 if I'm quick, or less ^^.

Nice game, just dumstruck on the other endings.