Reviews for "Friday: The Game"

PHEW... After half an hour of effort got my name in the top 20 scorer of this year.... but what i don't understand is that, how did the highest scorers of ALL time beat the game under less than 3 seconds... By cheating or by honest means...?!?

Manly-Chicken responds:


how can i get her to eat the cereals? what must i do to get her outside of the house?

Straightforward, nice graphics, good plot, funny, easy to play, easy to get medals. Nothing wrong with it.

Not flawless, but still a great game. The graphics are bad, but it's probably intentional. But why is it called an RPG? It'd be funny if when you typed in "KILL JUSTIN BIEBER" the game would say something like "SHUT UP!"

I'm the fastest partyier of today,and how do you get the secret medal?