Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

ownage like the first one

the upgrade from 'upgrade complete' to 'upgrade complete2' was palpable.

also, lasers are far better than rockets or shock weapons.

upgrading smart bomb recharge time = waste of time.

just surround ur ship with one layer of magnets then fill the rest of the space with lasers and u'll have about 10 times the firepower u need to own the boss.. and collect 100% of his cash.

i think a good way to upgrade this game to a sequel would be adding a story element. just a thought.

finished it

i geus the part of games i like is the upgrading! thanks for the revelation.

btw: did people actually pay for the premium content? cause its so worth it :P

HAHA jokes on you my volume was off for the screamer

I absolutely loved this game, not only for its self-aware humor but because it was actually fun to play. Often a game tries to parody a certain idea but fails because the gameplay falls flat. This game does not have that problem at all.

Nice adding all the medals! Note: I have 2049136 cash (around 2 MILLION) so could you add a mega upgrade as an extra upgrade so rich people can spend their money?