Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"


I was freaking out when I saw this. The first one was amazing, and this was so much better. Loved it. Very fun and humorous.

A fun and awesome game

This game is an excellent game when you want to play a game starring guns and planes.There was one part that made it freaky, the part when you upgrade something than someone screaming apears on the screen.
Although I saw that i loved this game i got all the achievements, medals, and even got all the panels by beating the last boss! Totally worth that one hour.
I hope there will be a number 3 with more bosses and upgrades!

My Favourite part was the one with the upgrade

Awesome game.


I loved the first game!!! This one is even more epic with more upgrading!!! I love it!!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES (along with the original) EVER!!!!!! =)

Lol I got scared and the popup image is a skeleton