Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

Fun. Only a couple complaints:

1. Upgrading voice acting was at times more of a downgrade. I'd have liked another upgrade to get a button to disable the voices again.

2. This applies doubly so to the little transition effect that goes UPGRADE COMPLETE and refuses to move off my screen for 5 seconds, with every upgrade I finish. Upgrading that made it more obnoxious and I think a better upgrade might have been to disable it, or at least make it more fun to look at (the existing upgrade accomplished the opposite)

Also some way to buy several squares at once on the ship builder would be nic

premium content

totally worth it, really, it is

LOL @ the premium content

" I can't make a picture that good"

I recommend you buy all the sound upgrades as soon as possible to insure your sanity.

Beat it in a night!

Who knew upgrading could be so fun! Thank you for entertaining my boring night! XD

Love this game

Without reading the description, the heart rate upgrade really worked x_X