Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

I'm happy this is finally out.

And feel kind of special that it's still in the recently submitted thingy. This will be.around for quite a while. I look forward to receiving ALL OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS. Plays well.

Well that was addictive.

Hahahaah wow, This is even better and more addicting then the last. I love how you even have to buy even the simpilist of things like a preloader, sound effects EVEN a logo. Especially now that we got medals in this this will be almost as addicting as Achievement Unlocked! Great job!

Wait there's someting strange about those achievements...

Good job guys.

I played this game from start to finish and enjoyed every moment of it. Even the beginning. Simple, good sense of humor, and Egoraptors voice made it even better.

... But what was up with the screamer?


after pressing f5 to see my medals, I was surprised, great job!

Awesome sequel.

I upgraded everything on the Armor Games main website, but the game was so good I had to come back for more when I saw it on Newgrounds. I'm glad I did; when you get all the upgrades, i.e. medals on Newgrounds, you get[UPGRADE THIS REVIEW TO FIND OUT]