Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"


upgrade-licious! oh and the improve heart rate upgrade really improved my heartbeat LOL

Amazing Game

I really liked this game, btw your daughter is really cute when she talks about the sheep bumping its head lol.
10/10, 5/5

super fun

so much fun to upgrade and customize. My favorite weapon is the laser. I think i had close to twenty by the end.

More of the same is good.

Egoraptor was a great addition as well, and each upgrade was more annoyingly insignificant yet important. I mean, scroll speed, jeez. And when I came across the 'heart rate' upgrade I turned down my speakers. Yeah, I've been on this site long enough, you ain't fooling me.

Great job.

elephant :D

awesome game it was quite enjoyable its a bit laggy on my computer but its prolly just me xD i like how upgrades change so much of the gameplay haha