Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

awsome, just... awsome

rarely does a game come by that I can say "nothing" negative about.... but I think I can ;) heres goes a shot at it.

Your point is valid most gamers are either too hung up on instant gratification, and others just too hung up on "I must have the next upgrade", the later the two I like to call "WoW heads". Yes you foolish raiders.

see, this game is awsome, I was astonished by how many more upgrades you where able to come up with... but you missed an epic one... you let it say "game complete" when not everything was upgraded. You seem to had forgotten about all the squares on the ship upgrade screen and all equiped guns, minor oversight I would imagine.

all in all this game is one for the history books in my humble opinion, and sadly friend... I think your point and hidden message is missed by the masses, just know... some of us do get it, keep up the awsome work, if you do a third, can the enemy's shoot at me, and I have to worry about shields and hp?????? :D

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Its the best of this game.... Totatlly worth it.


Upgrade Complete! 110%

Good game

This is extremely annoying in the start. xD
Sad that I can't unlock all the Medals. Weird bug I guess.

Awesome Game, Just Like The Other!

That has been a nice experience, I've upgraded everything and became a millionaire.
I didn't get a single medal, I think something is wrong with it.

The heart rate upgrade totally works though.