Reviews for "Insectonator"

Great game

To anyone wondering why the nuke doesnt work, you have to drop the nuke then shoot it with any weapon except for another nuke and lightning. if you use lightning you kill yourself :P

Good stress relief

I hate worms and I'm gonna use everything that you gave me to squash'em. And to Crowie, you need to use a gun, no explosives. The bazooka family should do.


i killed 7 insects in one shot but i didn't get the railgun shot achievement :/


I played this for an hour and a half and didn't realize it until I was curious as to why there was a challenge left. There are very few games that can do the to me. I congratulate you, good sir.

Mindless fun.

This game was proficient in just about every important way. Good graphics, simple goals, different modes, a steady unlocking of new weapons, etc...but after awhile it kind of grates. There's no penalties, or timers, or anything which is nice at first but the lack of challenge isn't very stimulating. Also, each level is just an increase in the number of bugs you have to kill. Nothing really changes up the game, and it can get annoying when the bugs you need don't show up for 2 minutes at a time. A good game, but it needs...more.