Reviews for "Insectonator"


had a little troble with the railgun achivement but other then that fun

Best game Yet!

Best game on newgrounds that i've played yet. my favorite weapon was the grenade ^-^

Never thought smashing bugs could be so much fun

thats pretty crazy, and professional. awesome graphics, great game play, and lots of fun! everything a flash game needs to be. Good quality game.

A Fresh Breath Of Air...Or Is That Bug Blood?

Really fun game that has that addicting factor many games haven't had in a while

Pretty good

of course I was kind of disappointed that its possible to get all the guns in under 2 hours, and got frustrated at the inexplicable lag, but it was a pretty good time. The title had my fooled as to the genre, and really there isn't one, it's just a do things at your own pace for your own fun type play. However, I was glad to find out I could fix the lag with a page refresh without losing my data. Good game all-in-all, wondering if there's anything in store for its future. Also I thought it was funny that you kill yourself by electrifying a nuke, but not stomping on it, strange stuff.

8/10, 4/5 ~WCCC