Reviews for "Insectonator"

the games rather interactive in a manner of speaking . im sure the hero is phobic of bugs i mean machineguns? nukes? youve got to be kidding me

i prefer zombs

I really like this game but it just killed you time when you could of done something way better than this

Great game and you should try the zombie mode(it's a separate game).

i dont see a point in the game but well i finished it as it was very addictive...simple but you'd want to complete the game once you start it off..
weapons:- best thing about this game...some things dont work well though...like the nuke which explodes only when you hit it with another weapon...i'd like to know the bullets left in the guns so that i can swap em when needed
achievements: nice..but i hate the achievement for misses...the hardest was the railshot 7kills in 1 shot achv. some reload times were awful and made me miss my kill streak...

overall-nice game to have "creepy" fun killing those creepy crawlers

P.S: playing this game for longer durations makes you feel itchy, creeped-on and scratchy all over your body